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What is Walz?

Walz is technically a walrus.We're not kidding, don't let their looks deceive you but it's a little different from other walruses.If you ask what are these differences? First of all it’s actually an NFT(Non-fungible token).Secondly, this lovely friend of ours does not live in the Arctic like other walruses.Walzs are from Atlantis these interesting fashion insights come from there.




Sometimes classical and sometimes modern styles are important in Atlantis.


These Atlanteans are a bit of a glutton and they don't mind living a healthy life.


Everyone knows that the hat is important, but the Atlanteans give more than importance.


Their thick necks make it difficult, but they never fall behind in this fashion.


Did you know that ? The sun affects your eyes more under water.


Tattoo is a lifestyle for Atlanteans.It won't take long for you to understand

Some Rare Traits


Mythical Walz

These walz are different from others and there are only 5 of them!

It has its own animations and features, you can easily distinguish it.2 of them have already appeared!



Crown 10/1001

Helmet 20/1001

VR Glasses 5/1001


When we started this project, our first goal was to draw attention to endangered animals.Walruses are one of the endangered animals.That's why we donate some of our earnings to the World Wildlife Fund: WWF and Greenpeace.and we will donate all Royalties proceeds.At the same time, if you send us your donation receipts to one of these two institutions via our discord server, you can get a free walz or walz lottery card.If we receive the necessary attention, we will have projects among other animals in difficult situations.

What is this Walz Lottery system?

There are a total of 1001 products walz.300 of them will be sold open and 700 of them will be sold with closed system.

So, How will it be? All Walz are only sold through the Opensea site.So how do Walz Lottery Cards work? Very simple! The draw is made on the date and time written on the card, and the result is announced on our Twitter address. At that moment, the last owner of the card becomes the owner of the new walz.You can trust us in this system built entirely on luck.The reason we prefer this is that it is more likely to leak in other systems.And the transfer fees are entirely our own! The first draw is on 01.08.2021 and then 25 more will be drawn every day.


Countdown To Draw

own up

Get Yourself a Walz

If you want to own new Walz or buy Walz Lottery Card, please visit our opensea store.

You can go now by clicking the icon below. Good Luck!


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